First Aid & CPR Training Classes

Helping You Save Lives

You Never Know When Your CPR Certification can Help Save a Life

We are a team of certified CPR instructors, offering expert-level CPR Training classes for advanced levels of BLS CPR/AED. A2ZCPR is aligned with the American Heart Association and meets all the requirements required to certify you in BLS/CPR and First Aid. Our courses are designed for professionals and non-professionals, equipping more people to save lives during medical emergencies.

We focus on giving you the confidence to take action without hesitating or thinking twice. We offer same day e-cards to ensure that you don’t miss out on a day’s work!

Let’s work together to save lives!

AHA-Certified Classes for CPR & First Aid Training in USA

All our instructors are certified to teach CPR and have years of experience in CPR and the medical field. We focus on offering concise and comprehensive courses that prepare you to take action during medical emergencies and save lives. We teach our classes in a fun, and engaging way that ensures that each learner knows the material and is confident in their skills.

A2Z CPR Certifications is an American Heart Association Faculty Owned business.

American Heart Association